Farzad Karimzad
Sociolinguist, Linguistic Anthropologist, & Discourse Analyst

Journal Publications

  • Karimzad, F. & Catedral, L. (forthcoming). Mobile (dis)connection: New technology and rechronotopized images of the homeland. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology.
  • Karimzad, F. & Sibgatullina, G. (in press). Replacing 'THEM' with 'US': Language ideologies and practices of ‘purification’ on Facebook. International Multilingual Research Journal.​
  • Terkourafi, M., Catedral, L., Haider, I., Karimzad, F., Melgares, J., Mostacero, C., Nelson, J. Weissman, B. (2018) . Uncivil Twitter: A Socio-pragmatic Analysis. Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict (to appear in Vol. 6, Issue 1).
  • ​Karimzad, F. & Catedral, L. (in press). 'No, we don't mix languages': Ideological power and the chronotopic organization of ethnolinguistic identities’. Language in Society.
  • Lyons, K. & Karimzad, F. (in press). Chronotypography: Nostalgia and modernity in the South Delhi LL. Sociolinguistic Studies.
  • Karimzad, F. (2016). Life here beyond now: Chronotopes of the ideal life among Iranian transnationals. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 20(5), 607-630.
  • Karimzad, F. (2016). Optimal choices: Azeri multilingualism in indigenous and diaspora contexts. International Journal of Bilingualism. Advance online publication.  doi: 10.1177/1367006916651733.

Book Chapters

  • Karimzad, F. (2018). Language ideologies and the politics of language: The case of Azerbaijanis in Iran. In Madina Djuraeva, & Francois V. Tochon (Eds.), Language Policy or the Politics of Language: Re-imagining the Role of Language in a Neoliberal Society. Blue Mounds, WI: Deep University Press.
  • Karimzad, F.  & Sanei, T. (in prep) “Mobility, Identity, and Multilingualism: Iranian Azerbaijanis in the U.S.”. In Seyed Hadi Mirvahedi (Ed.), Iranian communities in the home and diaspora: A sociolinguistic perspective.

Manuscripts in Preparation

  • ​Karimzad, F. (in prep). “Chronotope, Semiosis, and Social Behavior: Implications for a Theory of Language Acquisition”
  • Karimzad, F.  (in prep). Metapragmatics of Normalcy: Mobility, Personhood, and Language Choice. 
  • Karimzad, F. (in prep). “Code-switching, Translanguaging, and (Non)-discrete Languages: Why reality and ‘reality’ both matter”

Unpublished Manuscripts